Friday, August 19, 2005

So Very, Very Lazy...

Josh writes:

Times like this, the only thing to do is comment idly on other links that have been doing the rounds:

First of all, the iBook riot -- remember when I said "I don't trust any of you fuckers not to go feral the minute it suits you"? Exhibit B, Your Honour.

Also, The Onion's "Intelligent Falling" routine, which has been fairly popular of late. It's funny, because it's true -- all they're missing is someone saying "oh, I believe in microgravitation, but there's no evidence for macrogravitation -- I mean, no-one's ever seen Pluto complete an orbit of the Sun, have they?"

An update to the last post: Later, I noticed this one, which basically appears to be saying it's not murder if a person dies on the operating table. Its exact words, though, are:

Every one is protected from criminal responsibility for performing with reasonable care and skill any surgical operation upon any person for his benefit, if the performance of the operation was reasonable, having regard to the patient's state at the time and to all the circumstances of the case.

I notice there's nothing about you actually having to be a surgeon. Hmmm...

And finally: Fuck. Fuck. Just... fuck.

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