Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Words by other people that describe Jack better than he can describe himself Part III of IV

Apathy Jack writes:

from Barcelona Plates by Alexei Sayle:

Alice was inclined towards Victorian melancholy, more as a passtime than as a fundamental part of her character, it was cheap and you could do it on your own. She would often stand in a rain-sodden graveyard and a couple of times she had got dressed up in her best clothes and stood in the shadows outside house parties that she had been invited to, envying the happy smiling people going inside to the light and chatter. Alice thought Saturday evening the loneliest time of all to be away from home. She gave herself a thrill of sadness thinking of herself far from home and the life inside the houses - TV on to no one, baths and make up, clothes thrown about, early tea, empty streets, then she had to stop as real sadness started to creep in.

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