Monday, May 23, 2005

Words by other people that describe Jack better than he can describe himself Part I of IV

Apathy Jack writes:

from Be My Enemy by Christopher Brookmyre

“If you’re sensitively inclined, half an hour in front of the box is enough to make you feel thoroughly inadequate, sheltered and privileged just to be alive, Western European, HIV negative, heterosexual, unraped, unbombed, unstabbed, unmutilated, unhandicapped, uncancerous, unaddicted, unburnt, unflooded, unmugged, unpersecuted, unshot, unmined, unmolested or unsacked.”


liver said...

I can sympathise. At the moment I'm trying to make myself a better parent which involves me going to a course for victims of violence to deal with isuues and what not, (hence the lack of posting, you don't need my angst).
We're not supposed to rank each other in order of need but you can't really help it. I'm pretty low dow.... and living a happy-happy, joy-joy life compared to a lot of others.

It's a fun world we live in.

Apathy Jack said...

I dunno - Angst usually creates some of my best work.

(My value for 'best' differs considerably from that of others. But screw others.)