Friday, May 27, 2005

Hairy Legs and Bowl Cuts

Josh writes:

Jim Hopkins, bravely making the world safe from cartoon characters.

In a column thankfully low on wince-inducing puns ("Tamikaze" was actually quite clever), Jimbo fearlessly takes on "the Spanish inquisitors of our age" -- the hairy-legged, manifesto-pushing, man-hating feminists who want to take over society and make sure men are never in charge of anything again. Which would be brave and all if they, y'know, actually existed.

Sure, you get the extremists, as you do in any movement. The SCUM Manifesto aside, I've read the stuff from separatist nutjobs who claim that all acts of penetration are an invasion of a woman's body, and that even if a woman initiates, consents to and enjoys sex, she's actually still a rape victim. Which goes entirely against other conceptions of feminism I've heard that say it's all about women being able to make decisions for themselves as complete individuals and what. Don't ask me if it's possible for a man to be a feminist -- I asked that in a Philosophical Issues in Feminism tutorial many years ago, and still haven't got a clear answer. With so many different meanings and definitions, feminism is fast become as meaningless a phrase as that "PC" business Jim Lad's always going on about...

Oh, and speaking of cartoon characters, our favourite P-head's been given life. For killing samurai swords, apparently. Still going with the crazy angle, I see:

[The judge] said a minimum non-parole period of 20 years was appropriate at which point Dixon interrupted from the dock.

"Bring back the electric chair," he said and applauded.

I'm assuming he followed this with "I'm a dolphin who's never tasted melted snow. What does the color blue taste like? Bobo knows. I must speak with the dolphins now. Eee-ee-ee-eek!"

Yeah, that's right, motherfucker -- a Hudson Hawk reference. I so went there.


Mal fet said...

Congrations, I was going to comment on that editiorial myself, but you have beaten me to it.

Thus I no longer have to do anyhting and can sit here and be lazy.

Also Hudson Hawk was Mr Williss best work in my opinion

"Sprinkers in the back seat! Who knew?"

Psycho Milt said...

Well, technically, all acts of penetration are in fact an invasion of your body, but some of them are like, fun.

You won't ever get a straight answer on whether a man can be a feminist, but it's definitely possible for a man to be a decent human being - more of us should give it a go.

Josh said...

I have enabled laziness. My work here is done.

Psycho Milt: I dunno, you could argue that an invasion is by definition unwelcome.

RSJS said...

Mmmm, groin invasions. Penetration does not equal invasion. Unless you get the wrong hole. Or the wrong home.

Go the Hopkins by the way, he makes my straw dogs look practically real.