Friday, February 02, 2007

Wrong Thoughts

Josh writes:

OK, now you know I've said repeatedly and at length that I think "political correctness" is a bullshit concept that at best means nothing more than "left wing stuff I don't like". Sometimes, though, an example of the sort of thing that usually gets slapped with the PC label is just so god damn irritating that I can conceive of the levels of disgust that cause people to invoke it...

So part of this year's SuperBowl Kavalcade of Konsumerism is an ad for the Nationwide Insurance company featuring the former Mr Britney Spears rapping in his generic whiteboy way before snapping back to "reality", where he finds himself reduced to a dead-end job flipping burgers in a fast food joint. The moral being: get insurance or you'll end up working a shit job when your white trash sugar mommy ditches you. While this seems like a somewhat cynical attempt on Kevin Federline's part to both engender sympathy and claw at the limelight, it's a bit of a laugh all the same.

Not so, according to the National Restaurant Association, who are shocked and aghast at the portrayal of burger flipping as a shitty job. Even though it, y'know, is. Quoth association CEO Kevin Anderson:

"We think that it is demeaning and we think it's offensive, and I'll tell you what, we've got a lot of restaurant operators who are very mad at Nationwide right now,"
They're offended, offended I tells ya, and they're not gonna stand for it. They're mad, they're upset, they're a pack of whingeing twats. Something has indeed gone wrong with the world if I find myself agreeing with Kevin Bloody Federline and against something that would doubtless be labelled "PC gone mad".


I must go now and scour the filth from my soul. (It won't come off -- I scrub and I scrub, but it won't come off...)

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