Thursday, February 22, 2007

For the love of Gosh, won't someone think of the Politicians?

RSJS writes:

Right, not being one to give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut when it comes to children, “Green” Ministers of Parliament, or the Intertubes, I have been aware of the hubbub about “CYFSWatch” as one is aware of sports, of the antics of local celebrities. It’s information you have, but at a low volume, and you’re unsure how it got in your head – like someone snuck in during the night and read excerpts from “Woman’s Weekly” at you or similar. But regardless, the site go bye-bye:

I didn’t care that it lived, nor do I care that it died. However I am vaguely perturbed at how easy it is to get such a site folded up and drop-kicked out of the Internets, or at leastthat which is synonymous with the Internerd, Google. Thankfully, though those vehemently opposed to the site and who threatened to move heaven and earth to eliminate this angry exposé, this web-lurking scourge of the CYFS goon-squad from the face of the planet and who are, presumably, nasty, duplicitous, manipulative devil-worshippers whose nipples dribble black blood, this tangent the site was taken on dealing not with CYFS but some poorly-written aggressive posturing aimed at a political Muppet could not IN ANY WAY have been carried out by someone connected to the site-killing campaign. At all. Agent provocateurs are French and fifth columnists are a thing of Len Deighton novels. And fat jowl-jiggling thugs with leftie-bashing blogs who quote the attacks verbatim to show how Bad and Wrong people are should be drowned in pig-fat, but that’s another story.

Good afternoon.

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