Monday, November 13, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

Student 1 "What should I do? They guy she's in love with asked me out."
Student 2 "I keep telling you, I'm fine with it. Go out with him."
Student 1 "Mister! Help! Why aren't you helping?"
Me "Well, what you need to do is figure out if, when she says she's fine with it, she's really fine with it, or if she's just saying that."
Student 2 "I'm not just saying it! You want him, go for it."
Student 1 "But how do I know?"
Me "Look, if you follow your heart, I think you'll make the right decision."
Student 1"But if I follow my heart, she'll smash me."
Me "That's not your heart your following, it's another part of your body."
Student 1 "Hey fuck you!"
Student 2 "Anyway, I won't smash you."
Student 1 "But how can I be sure...?"

Being a teenager seems more complicated than I remember...


Hewligan said...

Nonsense. That's just a story about one teenager wondering if a particular course of action will lead to them getting "smashed" by another teenager, plus some extraneous details. That's exactly how I remember being a teenager working.

The Hand of Morthos said...

The scary thing is that I remember similar things from when I was at Secondary School, and, I'm pretty sure I'm correct in remembering the details, it was an 'all boys' institution.