Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

One of the Deans I like (and it's not a big list, let me tell you) was in a bit of a state - she had been at school until midnight last night fixing reports, and had been back in by half-six this morning to continue the process. She needed a bunch of them signed by my Head of Department, but had failed to take into account that today was deadline day not only for Deans, but for HODs as well. So, as is the custom, mine was "sick".

Getting the signitures was a big deal, not necessarily a huge one, but, as I say, the Dean was in a state, so I figured I'd help. I promised I'd sort it. When she asked how, I said I'd forge as necessary. The Dean looked at me for a second, did a quick cost/benefit analysis in her head, and handed over the reports.

When she got them off me an hour or so later, she shook her head and said we'd both been very, very naughty. To spare her any more guilt, I decided not to tell her that my skill at forgery isn't what is was when I was a young man, so I had gotten one of my Year 12s to do it...


phats said...

* shoots Jack.

Trogdor said...

Dont feel bad about it.
Training College would have us believe that teaching is a politically correct and inherently 'above board' sort of profession - which I suppose, for the most part, it is.
However, sometimes stuff happens.
Like for example, when i stumbled into Foodtown at about 12pm tiddled off my nut, bumped into one of my year 12's who was buying booze and proceeded to pursuade his female companion that she should go out with him coz he was such a "wicked f***** awesome dude".

Now, people who 'cut and paste' their report comments.
They are the real criminals.

phats said...

Lady at Unity bookstore said they had Danielewski's newest book "Only Revolutions" as well, which has only just arrived in the last few weeks. No idea whether it's any good.

Apathy Jack said...

I feel no guilt - this is simply how schools are run.

Phats - I've already bought Only Revolutions and lost it to my prodigy. I'll read it when she returns it...