Sunday, November 12, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

So, I was going to do a post about that whole students-allowed-to-write-in-text-in-exams business. I had what I thought would be a fun little hook into it: I was going to dissect one of my student's texts to a friend. However, it looks like it wasn't really A Thing(tm) - just a bit of newspaper-selling sensasionalism.

Of course, I've been looking at my phone in preparation for the thing I was going to write, and I feel like putting up the conversation which the above mentioned text was part of. I've been telling people what teaching is like recently, and been getting too many skeptical looks. Hopefully, this will help them believe me.

I had pulled my little Karen out of classes to get an important assessment finished. She left at interval, not to get a snack and come back in twenty minutes, but to go around to her friend's house. Sadly, she texted the arrangements to her friend from my phone, assuming I wouldn't notice...


Hae gina tz karen me txtn ov mrs fone wat u guys up tew? I gt lyk 5 buks so we cn go halfs n a eat or a pack?

Haha we juz watchn h0me an awae.. Yea c0me 0va an ummm d0nt brng anyWun plz.. An ye wel gEta eAt 0a waheva c u

Sweet me jus wana smoke lol kays il cum afta 3rd period kays dnt txt me bk ur jus waste ur crdt sayn ok lols. I txt u wn i leaf xoxo

We was g0nna g0 bk t0 sk0ol at 4th?

For 4th period? Or 4 lunch?

4th peri0d

Awww ok me gt t wel il cum at ntavel dn kays dn cum bk at 4th r u wf cadz an nat

Just cadz hEA.. Me an heR dat it.. Bt yEp kewLies iL c u

Sweet b dea n ten


Gina, if Karen isn't in my room working in 5 minutes, I'm holding you responsible, and your life is forfeit.

Y0u can kill me t0m0r0w.. Shes helpiNg me 0ut with my sad arsE pr0blEms but she will bE there t0m0r0w and all hEr w0rk wil get finishEd i pr0misE

Like you were helping her with my work in the library a few days ago?

Exaktly like that harhar n0 i mean it this timE! Im s0rRy sir

Remember, I know when you lie - like now for example. I can't drag you back by your hair, but I will destroy your entire world if Karen doesn't get my work done tomorrow.

U cant destroy my world any worse than it is now

You'd be surprised. Just make sure you're both here tomorrow.

Yup ok wil do please dont tel the dean

I won't. So long as you deliver Karen to me tomorrow...

Ok wil do karen will c u afta school briefly



Eric Olthwaite said...

Brilliant, that's the texting sorted, now you can deal with this...

Hewligan said...

There are a bunch of level 1 standards that are for basically daft things.

Each level of the National Qualifications Frameworrk has a set of level descriptors, which tell you how hard stuff at that level is supposed to be. For level 1, since it is the lowest level, there is no fixed minimum difficulty. Those standards specifically, are intended for use by the, um, "developmentally challenged" - people for whom basic things like that may actually be a problem. They sit at level 1 on the framework because it's technically allowed, and because there's no where else to put them.

At the same time, this is recognised as a problem within the NZQA, and at some point they are planning on addressing it. However, it's not actually that big a problem, so don't expect it to be fixed next week.

Oh, and just to blatantly plug myself, since Jack chose not to fully answer the texting thing, I did.