Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pedantry Update

Josh writes:

OK, for everyone who's currently overusing the phrase "methinks she doth protest too much" in relation to Helen Clark at the moment:

The quote is "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." (Hamlet, Act III, scene 2 or thereabouts)

And in the context of Hamlet, it doesn't really mean what people use it to mean these days anyway.

On a related subject, is there anyone in Parliament who doesn't look like a prick at the moment? It's only a matter of days before the backbenchers actually start flinging faeces at each other across the debating chamber, I don't doubt.

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phats said...

I like how the religious right are painting Helen Clark's husband as gay.

I mean, either he's gay, or he's not gay, and I know which of those possibilities disturbs me more...

And Helen, the stupid bint, instead of pointing out how the smear campaign shows how sad and bigoted the instigators of it really are, has actually let herself become offended.

Also, Don Brash apparently made waves with an appearance at my (evangelical) church just before the last election. I'm just dying to see how many of the congregation quietly shelve their feelings of betrayal and continue to support him simply because of his less open stance on Gay.