Monday, September 25, 2006


Josh writes:

Ah, Monday -- time to read Heather Havrilesky's always amusing "I Like to Watch" column at She doesn't get to use the word "cocksucker" so much, now that Deadwood's almost over, but her column is a great way to keep up with what's new and what's good on TV in the US, with a pleasing amount of wry commentary. What's she got for us today?

Self-importance may be the defining characteristic of the American professional -- which explains why so many American professionals are so deeply, abidingly irritating. Don't play dumb, you know just who I'm talking about: those arrogant people who talk about their jobs in tones that suggest they're curing cancer.

Now, if they were actually curing cancer, that would be one thing. In fact, doctors, high-ranking political figures, community leaders, teachers, cops and pretty much anyone who is, at least in theory, aiming to help the populace and serve the common good gets a free pass to employ as much of a self-important tone as needed in order to pound home their point. Also, most firemen, by dint of being enormous, fit human beings with square jaws and booming voices who rush into burning buildings to save feeble weaklings like myself (at least in my dreams) also have a free pass, as do Bill Clinton, Spike Lee and Bono.

But most people are not curing cancer or rushing into burning buildings and pulling people out with their enormous hands. Most people are doing jobs that don't matter at all, or creating stuff that no one reads or watches or buys, or even if people do read or watch or buy it, they don't enjoy it that much, it doesn't inform them or make them laugh, or they shouldn't have wasted their money. The stuff most people are writing or making or selling should be much, much better than it is.

I need a hug.


Psycho Milt said...

Er, but surely she couldn't mean us? We are important.

Apathy Jack said...

teachers... [get] a free pass to employ as much of a self-important tone as needed in order to pound home their point

Ah, the sweet smell of legitimacy - just as I was thinking about complaining to you all how much work I've had to do in the first three days of my holidays...

Hewligan said...

What have I told you people about encouraging Jack? He's bad enough as it is, without getting the idea that people actually believe his sanctimoniousness is justified.

I'm very disappointed in you, Josh.

Think of the children!

Josh said...

Sorry, but "creating stuff that no one reads" is essentially my job description -- time for you to feel my pain, bitches.