Friday, September 08, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

Normally when I come across an intelligent student who I feel like breaking, I just lend them Cruddy. Not with the new one though. With her I skipped over the beginner course in mental-scarification and went straight to The Corrections.

I figured I'd follow it up with the Manhatten Project of literary pretension: House of Leaves. Realising that I don't actually own it, I spent a few weekends scouring every bookshop I could think of, to no avail.

Acting on a tip from my friend Lily Petals, I tried the Hard To Find Bookshop, where I was disdainfully informed that they didn't have a copy - what they had was a long waiting list, because every hipster wanted one. They recommended I order through Borders.

Going to Borders, the helpful bookdrone looked on their system, and discovered that no country in their network has any available to import. She recommended I try the Hard To Find Bookshop.

On the one hand, I'm appalled at how hard it is to be a pretentious bibliowanker these days, but on the other hand, I think I'd be faintly disappointed if a book as harrowing as this one just presented itself to me on the first look - going through hell to track it down is kind of a good House of Leaves meta-experience...


Lucifer Sam said...

If you'd like, I can loan you my copy of the book. It's dinfinately one of my favourite books.

Apathy Jack said...

While the student I want to loan it to is probably the sinlge most reliable in my stable, I'm still leary of lending out other people's property to the kids, just because it's out of my hands, and I get paranoid. Thanks for the offer though, and you never know - I may get back to you if amazon isn't as easy to figure out as I'm hoping (I really should own a copy, methinks...).

Lucifer Sam said...

Well, I have been meaning to get around to buy myself a copy of the signed First/Second edition on "House of Leaves" (the first edition in the "real world", but the second edition is you follow the storyline where the book is a revision of the first) - so if you like, I'll loan you mine, and in the event it never comes back, I'll get off my ass and get myself the US$400 or so version I want.