Thursday, September 21, 2006

one life, all I need...

Apathy Jack writes:

Me "Alright, how are you going? How's English? How's everything?"
Student 1 "Everything's going great."
Student 2 "She's smoking too much P."
Student 1 "I didn't!"
Me "See, sometimes I wish I wasn't an English teacher."
Student 1 "Why?"
Me "Because then I might not have noticed that when she said you'd been smoking P, you didn't say 'I don't', you said 'I didn't', which firmly implies that the opportunity has arisen recently."
Student 1 "Shit."
Me "And there's a fair chance the 'I didn't' was a lie, right?"
Student 1 "Shit."
Student 2 "Ha ha. Busted."
Student 1 "Yeah, by you! Thanks a lot."
Student 2 "It's not my fault Mister's smart enough to tell when I'm not joking."
Student 1 "Anyway, seriously Mister, I don't smoke P. Y'know, a lot."
Me "That's alright, so long as you don't do it a lot. Of course, you are going to need to sit through my amphetamine psychosis lecture, but we'll do that later..."

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