Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

So, it turns out South Park did a concise little summary of the beliefs of Scientology which can be found here.

This is useful background when you look at the war on Scientology declared by a group calling itself Anonymous. They don’t like L Ron Hubbard’s acolytes, and initially outlined their displeasure in a public statement here. They followed that up with a statement to the members of the church, where they explained that it wasn’t personal, but needed to be done.

They called on the public to join them in protest on the tenth of February this year – protests many attended wearing Guy Fawkes masks, ala the titular character from the excellent movie (and better graphic novel) V for Vendetta. These protests happened in several countries. Here is footage from the action in England.

There are two reasons I like the twenty-first century:

Firstly; a “religion” that is right out of a science-fiction movie (or, more specifically, created by a science-fiction author) is getting uppity, so a group of mysterious underground anarchists release ominous messages over the internet calling free-thinking people to join them in public displays of freedom of speech, which leads to hundreds of masked figures making the ultimate point of not giving in to a force that would demand unquestioning obedience. That is what the twenty-first century is supposed to be like.

Secondly; I fired up the laptop school has given me, plugged it into the data projector that hangs from the ceiling of my classroom, streamed the above videos from and youtube; and used them to kick-start a discussion on the broad social issues raised by V for Vendetta (which is this year’s film study), and that was that was Period 4 English for yesterday done.

And no, that isn’t proof that I’m indoctrinating my students into anarcho-socialism.

Getting them to write a response to an article entitled How To Build A Dirty Bomb last period today is proof that I’m indoctrinating my students into anarcho-socialism...

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