Monday, February 25, 2008

The Day Today - 25th February 2008

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

A book review in Reason magazine on how Latin Americans view the world, foretelling the current situation, and explaining why the evil leaders that beguile the continent are so popular.

Greece, like the South American, prone to being a bit "past-heavy"

Your science comes courtesy of Craig Venter and Richard Dawkins.

Roger Scruton gives an opinion the the accidental nature of things British.

A really awful article arguing that artefacts should not return to the countries they were stolen from. I mean, look at some of this guy's arguments

"In many cases the nations asserting rights to artifacts have little in common, culturally, religiously, artistically, or even ethnically, with the civilizations buried beneath them."

So what? Does that mean I can nick the television under your house because you don't wear flares anymore?

This look at economics by has been doing the rounds on the left, blogs and up blogs. Here's an earlier take with extra anecdotes. For what it is worth, facts like these, that people are sometimes or even often irrational, only strengthen my libertarian convictions. If we are wrong, then it is far worse if that error is made and imposed on all by a government than if that error is made by a far more isolated individual or company.

Take something like the mortgage crisis in the U.S.A. or finance companies here. Yes, if you are involved it is no doubt awful to lose your life's savings, but the whole economy of the United States or New Zealand won't collapse because of it meaning that those involved have at least some chance of recouping their losses elsewhere. On the other hand, in places like North Korea where the government has taken it upon itself to make all the decisions for everyone, you have famine (at the very least). It's called putting all your eggs in one basket, and is not a good idea.

Finally, an excellent music video for Nick Cave's "Love Letter".

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