Monday, May 14, 2007

One night stealing books from the English department

Apathy Jack writes:

"Here, try In My Father's Den. It's one of my favourite books – it's about a teacher whose student dies. I like the idea of students dying."
"Oh yeah, I've heard of this one. Isn't the teacher a suspect?"
"Yeah, they think it's him for a while."
"Does that mean that if we died you'd be a suspect?"
"No, you see, this was a student who spent a lot of time in his house and the like. And I don't let you freaks anywhere near my house."
"No, but we are at school with you at six o'clock, after everyone else has gone home."
"You make a point. Dammit, now neither of you can die, or I'll get blamed."
"Of course, if you died, then we might be suspects."
"Damn right. And you'd probably be guilty too..."

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