Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Attention Seeking

Josh writes:

I guess I should say that these are my opinions, and not necessarily those of anyone else at Brain Stab.


Yeah, I don't really do boycotts. Certainly, that particular Subway manager is a prize dickhead, and I'd be interested to hear what sort of justification he could possibly come up with for being so pedantically officious in enforcing the employee's contract -- it certainly sounds like something personal. However, the idea that by making a show of not buying the occasional meatball sub from the Newmarket franchise I might have any bearing on the operations of a separate franchise in Dunedin just seems a little, well, self-important. The mainstream (or as like to call it, "real") media's onto this -- that's the sort of naming and shaming that'll get something done about it.

Just to be completely clear: Of course you can say that this situation is bollocks -- of course you should say that it's bollocks. It is. And if you don't want to buy from Subway, who am I to tell you what to do. But when you start making noise about it in this way, it's not about the issue, it's about you.

Just like this post here -- see how it's really all about me? Don't I sound like a bit of a dick? Exactly.


Sam said...

The real question people should be asking about the drink - $4? For a single bloody cup of coke?
You can nip down Woolies and get about 5 litres of the deliciously tasty stomach rotting filth for that price!

Aucklander At Large said...

Heh - quite like the mock up of my mock up - clever.

Individually, perhaps you won't make a difference, but if enough people say "hang on, that situation here is bollocks (you're words), I'm going to buy my lunch some place else", then maybe, just maybe, Subway will take notice. Certianly, the traffic that I've been getting through the boycott page would indicate that there is some interest in this. Whether it makes a difference or not - time will tell.

Cheers, AAL.