Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Talking to Women Here

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

Here is a situation I recently found myself in. We (my sister, her boyfriend, and I) are looking to buy a house, and inevitably when we see something that we might be intereted in conversation drifts along to who gets what room. So have a look at the floor plan below...

What you seeing is a floor plan of a house. It's a double house joined together by a big wall down the middle, so you're not missing anything interesting off to the right.

There are two bedrooms, a large one up the top / front of the house with a large wardrobe, down from which we have the living room, leading into a large bathroom on the right. The other bedroom is at the other end of the house through the kitchen. It has a much smaller wardrobe, and a small ensuite with a toilet, shower, and baisen.

So, I went through the house first, looked through all the rooms, and came to the not (at least so I thought) unreasonable conclusion that I would get the room at the back with the small ensuite and wardrobe, and my sister and her boyfriend would get the large room up the front, with the large wardrobe and pretty much direct exclusive access to a much larger bathroom - with bath I should add! And the access is exclusive. Even if you were living with strangers they would be at the other end of the house, past the kitchen, with their own bathrrom.

Later on, my sister and her boyfriend went through. Just before we were about to go I turned and asked her

"What room would you have then?"

She gave me the sort of look you would give if someone called you up to find out your phone number or something and said

"The one at the back of course:"

And that's my question. A quick straw poll for the ladies. Is having an ensuite, no matter how small, a prize of such incomparbale indescribable value as my sister seems to suggest? Or are there women out there who can see that my assumptions had at least a it of merit.

Oh and, for New Zealand Music Month, here's the B52's


Ms Klake said...

I would automatically go for the larger bedroom in this scenario. So long as a bathroom is close by I'd prefer to have space over the ensuite.

Paul said...

I am not a Lady but I am an Architectural Historian, so I know how to read a plan. I have also read Clausewitz.

You have assumed she wants the ensuite but she has said nothing about her wishes. She is allowing you to make assumptions so you will not identify her real motives: your sister wants control of the kitchen.

Thank you for the music.

PC said...

"...your sister wants control of the kitchen."

Paul's on to it.