Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls’ pants - Use it to get into their heads

Apathy Jack writes:

Let's see if Scroobuis Pip meets the criteria for Jack's Heroes List:

Slightly peculiar? Check.

Beard? Double check.

Quite remarkably clever? Check.

Go here for downloady things, including the lyrics to the above song. Go here for Scroobius' myspace (yes, yes, myspace gives you the AIDS, no one knows that better than I do, but you can dowload more of his tracks) and here for the project he's doing with some DJ which resulted in the above song.

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Hewligan said...

If you're not using poetry, art and music to get into girls pants then what use are they?

I'm pretty sure they were all invented for the express purpose of getting into girls pants. And, considering they were invented before pants, that really shows the foresight and wisdom of the ancients.