Monday, April 23, 2007

Apathy Jack writes:

“Hey Sir, how were your holidays? Do anything exciting?”
“I came in here and worked a lot. You?”
“I got a Brazilian!”

I was on the bus, aimlessly scrawling some musings about work. It was a formless thing vacillating between my anxieties over starting a new job, and exactly where the police can shove their new recruitment slogan. (“Get Better Work Stories” my entire arse. I’ve busted more drug dealers than they’ve had hot dinners. Of course, I always let mine go after a slap on the wrist with a brutally moist bus ticket...) But as I was languidly writing down some of the funny things the students had said in the course of the day, I was struck by the stark existential horror of writing a blog entry where I found myself calmly thinking “Hmm, better do a grammar check when I get home, to confirm that Brazilian has a capital in this context.”

Stark existential horror, I tell you.

I’m sure this is all society’s fault, I’m just not sure how yet...


Hewligan said...

Society, nothing. I blame the teachers

N for Nihilism said...


I blame society's decadent practice of allowing men to grow beards without using them to magestically slaughter lesser men.

You know who I'm talking about.