Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Conversation between me and my flatmate last night...

Apathy Jack writes:

“I’m leaving, can I have a biscuit?”
“You mean you’re actually leaving the house? Where are you going?”
“I’m going to hang out with Petals.”
“You’re leaving the house and you’re going to hang out with human beings?”
“I didn’t want to! She forced me!”
“What a bitch.”
“That’s what I kept calling her! But it didn’t do any good.”
“How is she forcing you?”
“She’s taping Heroes for me.”
“Fair enough. Have fun.”
“I probably won’t...”

I always go a little peculiar in the holidays. I think it’s probably because I’m too boundlessly sociable. I’m going to have to cut back on the human contact from now on...


Hewligan said...

If you cut down on human contact any more you may actually collapse into some sort of solipsistic black hole.

That Morthos Stare said...

Yes, come join me in the Constellation of Misanthropy. We will have pies; huge, galactic-sized vessels of fat and sugar orbiting our bodies...

But seriously, we should do an afternoon sometime soon. We have to discuss Catholic schools and dirty, dirty non-Catholics like you teaching in them.

Eric Olthwaite said...

Welcome to the solipsistic black hole fold. You even sent an email the other week, I was sure wheels of the human interaction cart would get speed wobbles soon after that.

Josh said...

Human contact? Pish. Go on Second Life, buy yourself a vampire unicorn, then go throw giant penises at furries. It's like social interaction, but AWESOMER!

Anonymous said...

But did you get the biscuit?

Apathy Jack said...

Second life, you say?

Vampire unicorns, you say?

Throwing giant penises at furries, you say?

I'm there.

And yes, I got the bisuit.

N for Nihilism said...


Petals said...

YOU are a bitch. Presuming I wouldn't find out you were talking smack about me on your blog. Little did you know my flying monkeys were on top of it. So NYAH at you, MR.

Apathy Jack said...

No, I was talking smack about you to my flatmate.

I was just faithfully recording it on the blog.