Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Reasons the Narnia books are better than Lord of the Elfmovies # 3

Apathy Jack writes:

I started reading The Magician’s Nephew this time last week, and I’m already up to The Silver Chair. This is a much more bearable run than JRR Tolkien’s Guide To Every Blade Of Grass In Middle Earth And The Horrible Minutiae Thereof, or whatever the book was called, which took something like forty years to read.

And yes, I know that, being in my late twenties, I can’t have actually spent four decades wading through that monstrosity, which leads to only two possibilities:

1) It seemed like it took forty years.

2) The book was so long, so boring, and so filled with elves, that it actually warped time around me and two score years passed while I was trying to decipher that bollocks-awful elfsong.

I’m currently tending towards the latter...

Man I’m going to hate it when the movie comes out – that many people dressed as elves can’t help but sully this for me...