Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Dog Abuse

Apathy Jack writes:

Here is a Christmas present for your canine companion that surely counts as some form of abuse...

And, of course, for the true pervert: Doggie Cellphones, because, you know, even your goddamn dog needs to piss people on busses off by making everyone listen to his piercing polyphonic rendition of some Christ-awful eighties song before shouting at the top of his lungs: I’m on a bus! No, I’m on a bus! I’m on a bus! What? I’M ON A BUS!!!

But to make your own Christmas easier, someone has come up with transport involving an alternative energy concept “based on the premise that you and your dog are both going to the same place”.

But, as your Christmas present for the year you get the best story since Cow vs Dogs: Squirrels vs Dog.

Squirrels win.