Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where Does Meat Come From?

Josh writes:

I remember one time in high school (7th Form, no less) having to explain to a classmate where meat comes from:

"No, you know -- muscle tissue. That's the bit of an animal that we eat -- its muscles."

"Is it? Gross!"

"Well what part did you think we eat?"

"Just the... stuff... you know, the stuff that goes in between all the other bits..."

In his mind, "meat" was seemingly an extra type of generic body tissue that served no purpose other than to be cut out and eaten by humans.

I'm not actually sure what caused me to recall that anecdote recently, although it always does good to reflect that teenage boys are fucking stupid sometimes.


Xavier said...

Ow. Fucking Ow. That is all.

Duncan Bayne said...

And I bet some cotton-wool-freak nanny-state pansy is going to demand the fence be built higher (to dissuade attempts to climb it) and safer (to prevent people from harming themselves by trying to climb it).

Actually, that's related to the meat thing too.

I've been hunting a few times, and enjoyed it. When I tell some people that, they're shocked, & tell me that they'd never *dream* of hunting.

So I ask them "do you eat meat?"

Of course, they do. But meat, to them, comes in gladwrap-covered plastic trays from the supermarket, handed to them by a pretty, smiling assistant - not a bloodied, tired, hunter with a rifle slung over his shoulder.

They don't see the battery farms, the bolt-gun slaughter, or the inside of the meat-works.

So many people today are *dangerously* out of touch with reality.

Josh said...

Ow? That's not "ow" -- THIS is "ow"...

Apathy Jack said...

" Police accidentally hit a naked man in the genitals with a Taser"



Psycho Milt said...

Come now Jack, haven't you ever hit someone in the genitals accidentally with your Taser? Could happen to anybody.

I must have known all about meat in high school cos I remember reading "Alive" by Piers Paul Read. The idea that people are also made out of meat was obvious enough, but when they got so hungry they started eating testicles I was starting to think surely snuffing it would be preferable...