Thursday, November 17, 2005

Andy Kaufman Mother Fuckers

Josh writes:

Which motherfucker stole my flow? Eeny, meeny, miney mo.

The "A J Chesswas is a rhetorical construct/soul-less piston-swinging death machine" bit was my idea, damn it. (Read for yourself -- to be fair, it was Paul who first suggested that he might be a robot. I still have my suspicions.)

Oh, the fun I could have had with that schtick -- I had all sorts of material lined up, not trying to dupe the world, just to stymie the good Mr. Chesswas by replying to his comments with refusals to accept his existence. Getting other people to buy it would have just been a bonus. And much easier to achieve than I had thought -- I forget how credulous most Net denizens still are. Duck's quack echoes, anyone?

But then About Town had to orchestrate an elaborate (well, erudite) hoax on the Internet at large and spoil my fun. And take all the credit. Still, they've 'fessed up now, so everything can go back to Just the Way it Was.

This concludes the "blogosphere circle jerk" portion of our broadcast. Normal transmission resumes.

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