Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Somehow, It Always Comes Back to Killer Robots

Josh writes:

Sex and death are most similar, in that they both go before "bot".

So, I'm sitting in the car wash (which at one point seems to involve being assaulted by the 70s) thinking about my recent exchange with fictional construct A.J. Chesswas on span's blog.

Having judged his rhetoric incapable of having issued from the mind of a real human being, it was suggested that, rather than being the alternative personality of an Internet japester (and really, who would use a fake personality to play jokes in the Internet -- the very thought) he may actually be some sort of machine.

Naturally, my thoughts turned to killer robots:

armies of Chesswasbots subjugating entire continents to their silicon will, flattening all who oppose them with their hulking, steam-powered exoskeletons ... robo-Nazis oppressing all that fall under their mighty pistons.

Awesome! \m/ \m/

There followed a dissertation on the subtle intricacies of the human-deathbot dynamic. It was awesome.

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