Monday, November 14, 2005

Bad News

Josh writes:

I can't be alone in having followed with some degree of sick fascination the case of John Sharpe, who, in March of last year, murdered his wife and daughter in Australia. Here's where things stood when last we heard:

  • John Sharpe kills his pregant wife with a speargun.
  • A few days later, he shoots his 20-month-old daughter. Four times. In the head. With a fucking speargun.
  • He then dismembers the wife with a chainsaw, dumps the bodies, and makes up some story about her running off with another man.
  • The wife's family doesn't buy his story, police get suspicious, and eventually he's arrested and charged with the murders, which he confesses to.
In January of this year he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two life terms with a 33-year non-parole period (a sentence influenced by the fact that he "only showed signs of remorse when he realised he was about to be caught").

And you'd think that was that -- there simply isn't anything left that could add to the horror of these happenings.

But no.

Because now, now it turns out that the reason why he killed his wife may have been...

*deep breath*

...because she found out he was a child molestor.

Thank you and good night.


phats said...

I had read that; i consider it unlikely because he is believed to have shot his wife while she was asleep. It's possible, but I think very unlikely that she would go to sleep after just finding out he's molesting their daughter..

Josh said...

The implication needn't be that he shot her the instant she found out -- rather the suggestion was that she had found out, and presumably he was afraid she was going to do something about it (the fact that he apparently had quite a controlling personality explaining why she didn't do anything straight away).

RSJS said...

You are working on the assumption that this was something (incest, sleep, spearing) that all happened in one night. It could well be a history of abuse has provoked a threat (do that again and I'll call the pigs), or caused him to believe a threat was imminent.

RSJS said...

Fuck. SNAP!