Thursday, November 10, 2005

Apathy Jack writes:

So, The Internet often asks me: What's it like living in a flat composed of myself, Ben from Dog Biting Men and Nick from Hangover? Surely such a hub of internet creativity would be sparkling with Waugh-esque wit and Fry-esque frivolity? A given Thursday night in such an electronic Algonquin can't consist of normal, relatively boring people chatting and watching bad television, can it? Surely, says The Internet, their flat is a reflection of their respective sites: Nick drinking heavily in a comical manner, Ben ranting loudly about politics, and Jack rocking backwards and forwards in a corner while weeping openly.

Horribly, The Internet is right.

However, for all those that have wondered what life in this hub of the new media is really like; basically imagine this conversation. All the time.

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