Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hitlog Follies, Part 2 of Many

Josh writes:

Thanks to Jellybean's sterling efforts to keep brows low, we are listed on Google when searching for dangling labia, alongside anthropological information on labia stretching in African tribes, advice pages on cunnilingus, and a site devoted to instances of male and female exhibitionism in early Celtic masonry called Satan in the Groin.

First of all, let me just say: Best. Title. Ever.

Also, an interesting read. I particularly like the fresco depicting demons sodomising sinners into the gates of Hell -- they don't make religion like that these days. Hentai, but not religion. I'm almost certain there's a moral there somewhere.


Xavier said...

There's nowt wrong wi' a bit o' sodomy ev'ry now and then.

Josh said...

Sweet Christ, don't let Garth George hear you say that -- the poor man's liver will prolapse.

And sodomy? Nice for some -- now being propelled into the beastly maw of Hell on the end of a grinning demon's throbbing member, that I think we could all do without...