Friday, February 11, 2005

Chimp Justice!

Josh writes:

Chimps' Sense of Justice Found Similar to Humans'

I smell a TV series -- Chimp Justice! We follow Officer Bongo, walking his beat, stamping out the inequitable distribution of grapes and cucumbers. He's a hard chimp, a chimp who cares, damnit, cares about this shitty town and the innocent citizens who brachiate through it every day. A chimp who harbours a terrible secret about his past in the circus -- a secret that could destroy him. With the Chief breathing down his neck and a price on his head courtesy of the local crime boss, every day is a struggle just to stay sane while dealing out... Chimp Justice!

Episode 1 sees him chasing down a gang of capuchin gun runners, while trying to deal with his partner, who has been hitting the bananas hard -- damn hard -- after his wife left him to join a bonobo free love commune:

"Look at you man -- you're strung out! I need you with me on this!"

"Just gimme a fooking banana!"

"I have no bananas... on this day."

All that setup for one Eddie Izzard reference. Sad, really.

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