Thursday, February 24, 2005

RSJS writes:

Guess I owe Garth George an apology.

He won’t get one, the crusty old walrus, but he actually speaks sense today. Dammit… I had prattled on earlier about the crotch-biter who objected to hearing Maori over the Tannoy at Foodtown and had chosen instead to shop at New World. I wrote 3 vitriolic pages that dissolved into a howling comparison of the monocultural dick-whacker to my favourite female body part. So I filed it under “angry gibberish” and went off to hunt cheese. And to day, I and my cheese find Garth also objecting to Slaphead the Insensitive’s objections to the native tongue licking his lobes through the supermarket speakers. Why, he’s quite nasty about these people. To quote:

As for the supermarket announcements, those who object are beneath contempt. This country has two official languages - English and Maori - and anyone who takes exception to hearing mellifluous Maori, in any setting, deserves to go deaf.

Okay, so he doesn’t go far enough to comparing these felching cow-rapists to aforementioned appendages, but it’s a start. Now if he’d just stop being a cartoon buffoon out of a Victorian period piece with a fob watch and a florid complexion, I’d even rescind my plea for the dog-piss brain-soak death prayer. Eventually.


Josh said...

Xavier at About Town has another perspective. Your apology can probably remain safely clasped to your ample bosom.

stef said...

90% of the time I hate Garth George, but every so often he has moments of lucidity that make me wonder if he gets someone else to write his column every so often.