Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Event Reminder

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

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Richard S J Scholes had his heart set on the derelict Meremere power station as a location for a photo shoot — and trespass notices did not deter him. However, the police weren't so easy to ignore. He was caught making a daring escape attempt under a barbed wire fence. It's a rare thing to be arrested while working on your art, but Richard Spartacus Jellybean Scholes is definitely unique.

His upcoming show, The Charybdis Tarot, opens in Devonport this weekend and reveals 78 manipulated photographs based on the 78 cards in a tarot deck. Richard has used about 50 friends in a collection of poses and costumes to represent the different cards. Locations ranged from a studio, to bedrooms, living rooms, garages and to an abandoned warehouse. Richard describes his work is very "angsty and gothic".

It was a long project, done over about 18 months. After using 200 rolls of film, including six rolls for one photo, Richard has decided to use digital for his next project. The Mt Roskill artist is planning to make a tarot deck from his images and have someone read his cards. Before this, Richard's photographic work was mostly journalistic, "recording, rather than using, it as an art form," he says. And he admits to being "utterly and totally petrified" about showing these pieces in public.

But for someone so nervous, and someone who calls art a hobby, he's definitely been bitten by the bug and is already planning his next show. "I wanted to get an art exhibition out of my system, but it's not working because there's another one on the way."

• The Charybdis Tarot is on display at The Depot Artspace, Main Gallery, February 5-18.


RSJS said...

Ahahahahah! What a tosser.

...and it was through, THROUGH the barbed wire. Then up Spook Hill.

Apathy Jack said...

Where's this from, then? Or has Mepoc become the official press releaser?

Eric Olthwaite said...

It is from the northern edition of the Aucklander magazine.