Friday, January 14, 2005

Apathy Jack writes:

So my McFlatmate shows me the training manual for his new position at McCafe.

There are seventeen steps to serving quiche – twelve for preparation, and five for giving it to the customer.

So let’s be very clear here; If you are a crack-addled alcoholic, you can beat that in twelve steps, but it take seventeen to prepare and serve a McDonald’s quiche?

Hell, there are only three steps to being a high school English teacher, and I only know two of them...


Anonymous said...

Obviouly, Step 3 is profit!

liver said...

As someone who has personally worked in the fast food industry I can reassure you Jack that it would be a very rare occasion when all 17 steps are actually followed. It seems to be the steps that the customer would most like to be followed, such as 'don't keep cooked meat for longer than x mins before disposing of' are the ones ignored, yet they will remember to ask you if you want fries.