Sunday, January 23, 2005

Creation Myth

Josh writes:

It all started with the horrific assault of an elderly man.

In March 2004, a 68-year-old visiting American was attacked in his hotel room in Punakaiki, an occurence that the Herald summarized as "American Tourist Stabbed in Head". The content of the article notwithstanding, this headline was, and still remains, the funniest fucking thing I have ever read.

The phrase swirled around in my head for a short while, as phrases often do*, before resulting in this post to my old site. And that was that for a while.

Some time later, I started foisting my poorly developed cartooning skills onto the accomodating medium of Flash, and Charlie, Uncle Nancy and Tango were born (the title another instance of phrase-mind stickiness). Uncle Nancy's predilection for a bit of the old brain-stabbing soon became apparent, requiring me to come up with a pixellated representation of a stabbed brain.

Having based an "episode" on an inspired idea for a T-shirt slogan, I decided to see how easy it would be to make some of my own. This design, however, was the first one I tried out.

T-shirt making was a brief wheeze, but too fiddly to make a hobby out of. Nevertheless, upon deciding to do this blogging business for real, I already had a catchy name, a pithy slogan and a simple logo -- what more do you need?

And that's why this site is called Brain Stab. The answer to all of life's other mysteries remains "tiny pixies".

* Current example: Having sat next to Jellybean's Internet-porn-cycling screensaver for a few hours while watching DVDs the other night, I found myself less concerned by the advent of the phrase "The Gaping Vagina of Dita von Teese" in my grey matter than I was by the fact that my very next thought was "that sounds like the title of a Dr Seuss book". And Dr Seuss is dead, so someone's going to have to write it...

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