Thursday, January 06, 2005

feeling pity for the survivalists...

liver writes:

So it's been taking me a while to post anything here, because I'm a wee bit paranoid, and it got me to thinking...

I can deal with my paranoia by a)repressing it till it drives me insane, b)letting it totally control my life till it drives me insane, or c)catering to it so long as it doesn't stop me from being a useful productive member of society.

So I'm exploring the web for information about survivalists kits. (Nothing wrong with hoarding food and matches but I don't think I should own a gun). There's a couple of handy sites out there that have the basic lists, and then there's the other ones. I'm scared of a lot of everyday stuff, (bath drains, phones, may flys), as well as the bigger stuff like nuclear war. But I've never been afraid of people. Perusing the survivalists websites you find a lot of people who genuinely feel that Johnny Foreigner wants to kill them, personally. Hell, a lot of them don't even trust their neighbor's.

What I'm wondering is, do they have this fear because they're so self centered that they feel everything revolves around them? I mean, if someone crashed a plane into the Beehive or the Sky Tower I wouldn't think it had anything to do with me, even if I was in either of the buildings at the time. Because I know that no matter how annoying I am I'm not that bad that people want to kill me. So, is it that they feel guilty and therefore think that people should want to kill them? Hell, I know I'd have trouble living with my conscience if I voted for Bush.

Basically I feel sorry for the poor sods. Then I hear about how the US is kicking up a big deal about how nice they are helping out the poor drowned Islamics. I don't think it even occurred to people over here to ask what religion the tsunami victims belonged to. Then again we didn't need our president to ask us to donate money, we did it spontaneously.

But I still try to feel sympathy for the buggers. Because hating them for being stupid doesn't really help.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of people want to kill you. Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups kill infidels for being infidels.

liver said...

Yeah, but thats still just wanting to kill me in a general sense that they want to kill everyone whos not them. It's not like they've got a picture of me taped to the wall or anything.