Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Apathy Jack writes:

(Attention conservation notice: The following is a combination of thinking out loud and shameless self-publicising, so, while the content could be of interest of you were reading November 9, if you’re right now saying “November who?” then you could probably save yourself some time...)

So anyhoo, Nov9 consisted, broadly, of three parts. The teaching stories, the non-teaching rants, and the shorter stuff; quotes, song lyrics and the like. Brain Stab is alright for the first two (given that I tended to stay away from the straight ‘dear diary’ stuff. Yes, that was me staying away from that. Shut up.) but I was wondering what I was going to do about the third.

In lieu of my original plan (of sneaking it in here, despite the site founder wishing for actual “content” in the posts) I’ve started up a new experiment in holiday time killing – a place for the small snippets of culture that affect me. Which is a pretentious way of saying that I’m going to dump bits of whatever I’m listening to or reading there. Quotes, lyrics, links to wherever I’ve been recently. Anything that reflects my own personal pop culture. In the same way that Broken Planet News (which you’re all visiting instead of believing the newspapers, right?) is my news service, and this is, for lack of a better term, my rant space (well, not “mine”, but you know what I mean) the new place will be my culture journal – showing what I’m doing and what’s infesting my brain.

May very well not be worth reading, but, if I may get self-important for a minute, I think it will be worth having a surf past every other week or so in the name of killing some weekend time.

Radio Free Apathy - Despaireoke


Josh said...

In all fairness, I never required actual "content", just no "my cat's breath smells like cat food". Unless "content" can be defined to include photos of Spongebob Squarepants. Which, quite frankly, it should.

Apathy Jack said...

Oh, never fear - I have some true rubbish planned for here. Actually, what Despaireoke will have is more to the tune of reviews, recommendations, links to places that may not be there next month. I'm sort of making it up as I go along, but I'm thinking of something like a reading list for the taste tribe...