Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

Today's music video: the catchy Sirens, by Dizzeee Rascal (I don't think I spelled his named with the requisite number of 'E's just there, but I'm reading A Void by Georges Perec right now, so I have a bit of a blind spot for that letter...). A dark little song about police persecution which could have gone the traditional (and boring) route of having Baddie Cops Being Evil™, goes instead with the much more visually appealing imagery of toffs on the hunt.

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Julie said...

Is it wrong that I feel smart because I knew what you meant about "e" ? It's only a freak occurrence because I heard an interview with someone this week who went on and on (quite interestingly) about Perec. But I'll take the smartness vibes when they come.