Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mac and Cheese

Josh writes:

My whatever-the-Civil-Union-equivalent-of-a-fiancee-is got her new school laptop upgrade last week. She decided to try out a MacBook this time, to see how the other half (fifth?) lives. Like all Macs, it's stupidly pretty and fun to use. The only thing that puts me off them these days (apart from price, obviously) is the increasingly desperate "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ad campaign.

I could appreciate the earlier ones that genuinely portrayed the strengths of Macs and the disadvantages of PCs, but they seem to have run out of genuine issues, and these days they're just making shit up. While my favourite is still the one with the Japanese woman representing a new digital camera (who the Mac can speak fluent Japanese to, while the PC doesn't know what they're saying), I wasn't aware that Windows PCs had any sort of reputation for compatibility problems with new devices. The most recent one is again trying to convince us that PCs are only good for spreadsheets and doing your taxes, and that a $2000 iMac is what you want to get to entertain your 10-year-old children.

It's just going to get worse -- I predict the following for their 2007 campaign:

Mac: Hi, I'm a Mac.

PC: And I'm a PC. Say, what are you doing there?

Mac: Well, I'm dining on fine caviar while receiving fellatio from numerous supermodels and teenage celebrities. How about you?

PC: I'm halfway up a Doberman Pinscher. Which has rabies. Because using Windows is like fucking a dog with rabies.

Mac: Boy, you sure do suck some balls, huh?

PC: I have rabies also.

I may be slightly off the mark on this one -- I was genuinely surprised that the McDonalds "JASOOON!" ad campaign didn't culminate in the son drugging his parents, dressing them in school uniforms and pimping them out to child molesters for $1.95 a pop. It seemed the obvious progression.

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