Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game

Josh writes:

There are doubtless many variations to be found on the Internet, but in celebration of the show's return to TV1 last night, a bunch of us played with the following rules, which we made up ourselves:

The primary part of the game is a simple guess at the valuation, with the person farthest away from the correct price drinking.

All participants drink if any of the following things occur or are said:

  • A translation is given for the Asian language read from the bottom of porcelain.
  • Polite British surprise expressed a la C3PO. (Polite swearing = 2 drinks)
  • Open disagreement over valuation.
  • Oiks with highly expensive items. (Scousers = 2 drinks)
  • Extreme accents that are hard to follow (except Welsh).
  • Annoying laugh.
  • Served royalty.
  • Item bought by a relative who was a sailor (excluding scrimshaw).
  • Bought in a car boot sale.
  • "That's interesting, I have another at home."
  • Pre-1500 (except Peruvian).
  • A personal letter to that person as a child from A.A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, or E.H. Shepard.
  • Iconic U.S. toy made in Germany.
  • "Did you play with it as a child?"
  • Object irretrievably damaged by owner through stupidity.

These are the rules we played with last night -- suggestions for new conditions to add next time included "poorly disguised disappointment at the valuation" and "appears Japanese but actually made in China"/"appears Chinese but actually made in Japan"/"appears Asian but actually made in Britain".

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Eric Olthwaite said...

And, one of my personal favourites since it has happened in my family,

"Given to relative by former employer in will, thought cheap but actually worth thousands of pounds"

Paintings are the stock and trade of this genre.