Thursday, August 24, 2006

Are you listening, friends?

Apathy Jack writes:

Me "Where is my cellphone?"
Student "Listen to you. If you from a year ago could hear yourself, you'd be disgusted with you."
"No, but... I ... You're probably right."
"Do more of your students text you on that thing than your friends?"
"Yes. But I don't give my number to my friends."
"Why not?"
"Because when they ask for my number, I tell them that if I wanted then calling me, I would have gotten a cellphone years ago."
"Are your friends like you?"
"Oh, so they're a bit...?"
"A bit what?"
"You know."
"No I don't know. I'm a pillar of normalcy and the yardstick by which 'average' should be measured."
"Riiight. But if your friends are weird like you, they'd understand the cellphone thing, I mean."
"Still not weird."


Hewligan said...

I totally understand the cellphone thing. You're fucking normal, and odn't let any of those little bastards tell you otherwise.

HORansome said...

Certificates of Normalcy can only be given out by certified normals, of which we know none. If a ceritified normal does approach you please advise us so that the customary notices can be made out.

Lucifer Sam said...

I think your students need to be shown the online image of you sitting in some dank, greasy dive, while a lank haired deadbeat junkie writhes and undulates in your lap.

Y'know. For educational (journalistic?) reasons.

Will said...

The other day my grandma said there was once a time before cellphones. Crazy old bat.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in a solar system with nine planets. True story.

Span said...

Anonymous is clearly the most normal person here. Other than me of course.

When are y'all going to switch to beta, now that we're talking about normality.

Josh said...

Team blogs can't switch as yet.