Friday, April 21, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

This is what Warren Ellis had to say about creative endeavor:

"Quit muttering and tell me where you think you are today, and what you think it looks like."

This is what blogging should be – people telling us what their world looks like that moment.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that an internet full of strangers is interested in reading your diary – we don't want to read a a blow-by-blow account of how you and Jonno and Shazza had such a good night in with Singstar and shooters and it was only really funny if you were there but I'll tell you all about it even though you weren't and here's a three page long record of my latest ICQ conversation with all of the unfunny bits and typos left in...

(As some of you know, I have a livejournal – I never update it because I don't do that many interesting things – if I recorded the few things of note that actually happen to me in the course of any given week, I wouldn't have anything to talk about with my friends come the weekend because they would have already read it all...)

I think more people should blog, but only if they have something to say. Look at your world, and tell me what is new and interesting in it. Maybe you're married with kids and a car and a cubicle, or maybe you spend your days thinking up excuses to stay on the dole as you shuttle between friends' couches. Maybe you're interested in science or cars or beer or any of those other things that I personally have no interest in. Well, make me interested. Tell me what is new in your world, tell me what it looks like out your window, and why I should be excited by it.

That's what this all should be.


Xavier said...

What if you have no creative bones/genes/proteins/mRNA?

Apathy Jack said...

I believe tradition dictates that people like that become bloggers...