Thursday, April 27, 2006

Josh: Not Dead

Josh writes:

Shit -- it's been more than two weeks since I put anything up here. Lucky for me Jack's been an invalid with plenty of spare time to sit on his electronic porch, waving his stick and yelling at you punk kids. Well, he calls it his stick.

Anyway, now that I'm an internet superstar thanks to Monkey Fluids, I've been devoting more time to it recently. By which I mean it provides a better source of soul-affirming fan mail for me to bask in front of. And by bask I mean... you don't want to know what I mean.

Throw in a move to a new flat and the removal of a dodgy-looking mole from my back, and I have all manner of unconvincing excuses as to why I've been such a slack bastard around here. Sorted.

I still don't have anything interesting to say, mind -- here, have a read about hyena genitals instead.


The Hand of Morthos said...

I hope you set a mail redirect for all those postcards I have sent from the EU trip.

Josh said...

Arna was supposed to be doing that today. We're still paying rent in the old place until Wednesday, though, so we'll be popping by to check the mail there.

phats said...

Back where I come from, we don't call that 'waving'.

Apathy Jack said...

Hey, it's a rapid back and forth motion with my hand.

Sounds like waving to me.

(I'm not waving, I'm drowning, dammit!)