Friday, April 29, 2005

Wonderful Electric

Josh writes:

Enough of this crap -- time for some porn! Technoporn, that is.

Dave knows what I'm talking about -- look at him, with his barely legal MP3 players and slutty, slutty PSP accessories -- honest officer, that Home Theatre PC swore it was sixteen! But anyway.

First of all: September?! Can I wait that long? I mean, sure, it may well be a good thing to wait until there's a longer list of titles, and there may have been a firmware update or two by then as well, but seriously -- four months? When I could walk down to ETown Digital and buy an import on my lunch break today? It's a test.

Of course, it's nothing compared to how long I'll have to wait before the new Nseries Nokias are available here at anything close to a reasonable price...

Yes, in cellphone news, Nokia has finally chosen to ditch the "four digits pulled out of our arse" naming scheme for their phones in favour of a series-indicating letter followed by two digits pulled out of their arse. The N90, N91 and N71 -- why those numbers? I'm fairly certain not even they know.

Leaving aside the "iPod-beating" N91 (already discussed by bloggers larger than I), the N90 is the one that interests me. I was attracted to the 6260 and its "flip/twist" form factor when it came out, but figured was a bit too new -- best to wait for the next version to appear, to give them time to iron the kinks out (much like I should have waited for the 6630, which improved on my 6600 in several important ways). The N90 fixes a bunch of the 6260's problems (lack of a screen on the outside for one) and adds a bunch of new features -- hot-swapping memory cards, Carl Zeiss optics, and the fact that it is basically a cellphone transformer. Sweeeet...

People have complained about the size of it (it's basically as big as the digital camera it's trying really hard to be), which doesn't bother me, because A) I carry my phone in my jacket, which has pockets more than big enough to hold it and B) I'm over 25, and can remember when cellphones were the size of cinder blocks. Listening to teenagers whinge about how some bit of plastic that fits in the palm of your hand is "sooooo huuuge" makes me feel old. Then it makes me feel like beating teenagers, which is much better.


dreamer said...

that phone does look pretty interesting ... as for the psp, how much are people here selling the games for? they're about $70nzd from lik-sang.

wipeout still hasn't arrived .. their free shipping is incredibly slow. that being said, at least my psp - bought before the price drop of $50usd - is still the same price it would have been here.

I'm told the eur version is slightly redesigned, in terms of button problems.. though I haven't had any issues whatsoever with mine.

dreamer said...

you know what you should do .. get a psp now, with a couple of games, and play them for the intervening months between now and september - be the envy of friends and colleagues, *then* get new games when they are released.


Josh said...

Get thee behind me, Satan!

Resolve... crumbling...

dreamer said...

I really should be selling gadgets. Lumpy also thinks I'm the devil. He's standing in front of a very expensive cellphone .. resolve wavering, when I pipe up with "oh, and they have hire purchase!"


I'm downloading newscasts onto my psp now, and there's a method for getting podcasts onto it automagically .. though I'll wait for a slightly easier method.

Oh, and this month's background colour is GREEN! What more encouragement do you need?

Lumpy said...

I cast thee out, demon!

dreamer said...

So Josh .. have you bought one yet? ;)

Hi my name's David, my friends call me The Devil.