Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Apathy Jack writes:

“Stop being so damned upset.”
“I’m not upset.”
“If you weren’t upset then you’d smile, giggle, and ask me why I think you’re upset. The fact that you gave me a proper reply proves to me that you’re upset.”
“Were you a detective before you became a teacher?”
“Remember how long I’ve known you for.”
“Mister, I’m pissed off at someone.”
“Right. Well, I’ll help you kill whoever is making you upset.”
“Cool. Hey, Mister said he’d help me shave her!”
“Hold on now. ‘Shave’? I was on board for ‘killing’ – when did we stop talking about killing?”


dreamer said...

I'd _really_ like to know what this conversation was about :o

Apathy Jack said...

No, you really don't. I started to recount the whole conversation, but it ended up with me screaming and screaming and screaming. Again. So I just put in the funny part.