Thursday, April 14, 2005

RSJS writes:

Look ma, I'm off to pound-in-the-arse prison! Take that, America!

Bwa hah hah. Eric the Red Nosed Reindeer, described as a “suspected white supremacist” which presumably makes him a braindead Nazi skin with just enough nouse to bitch “prejudice” and “mistrial” at anyone who calls him that, rejoiced at the fact he isn’t going to the chair. To quote the article, “`I have deprived the government of its goal of sentencing me to death,’ Rudolph said in an 11-page statement in which he railed against the federal government, supporters of abortion and gay activists”..

He’s going to prison for life, no chance of parole. He’s 38, which means it is feasible for him to waste away for half a century in the grey-bar hotel. Where they won't give him Milo to drink, so goodbye my-first-moustache.

Now, as any good white supremacist will tell you, them dirty non-Aryan types the You Ess of Eh? is so fond of lambasting (y’know, those shifty-eyed foreign devils the Americans ferried to their land of the firearm by the thousand to do their cotton-picking) are crammed standing-room only in the near-infinite numbers of slammers the Yanks dot their countryside with between Starfucks and Walmarts. And if we take a leaf out of the standard nigger-baiting Bibles such gents as Rudolpho the Cabana Boy peruse, these chaps are all meaty colossuses with knee-length white-woman-raping uncircumcised penises and poor impulse control.

Now, Whitebread here didn’t just try to blow up the Olympic Games and an abortion clinic, he also had a crack at a lesbian bar. And in his statement mentioned above, “railed against…gay activists”.

In short, Rudolph here thinks he’s a winner for agreeing to be incarcerated in pound-in-the-arse prison for fifty years, knee-deep in the donkey-rapists he despises all doing terrible acts to each other that doubtless will deeply offend his delicate white-trash heterosexual sister-banging brain. He’s going to be the cock-ring for half the American prison system for the rest of his natural born days and will quite probably drown in gay black semen, and that my-first-moustache is going to be more Dirty Sanchez than drinking chocolate. And he thinks he’s deprived the government of something?

I don’t normally like justice, but this is pretty sweet. Hope he likes the taste of pillow.

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