Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

“Sir, what’s up with you?”
“In what way?”
“Well, it’s like something really bad happened to you in the past, and you’re still carrying it around inside you.”
“You’re sure it’s not just that you and your peers are capable of triggering spontaneous post-traumatic stress disorders?”
“No, see, it’s obvious that you care a lot inside, but you don’t want to show it on the outside.”
“I don’t care on the inside. In the black, dead space where my heart used to be, there is only hate. Hate for you. All of you.”
“I haven’t figured you out, Sir. It’s like when you do the working on a Maths problem, but you put one decimal point in the wrong place or something, so you know you’re really close to the answer, but it’s always just beyond where you can see.”
“What you mean is that every time you think you’ve got the answer, I go and change the question?”
“Yeah, that’s it!”

It’s taken me almost a year. But I can finally get some decent conversation out of these students...

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