Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

Alright, so how is it that when I say: “Are you scared of praying mantises?” and the reply comes “Yes.” and I say “Well then you’d better hold still for a minute while I...” – it is taken as time to shriek like an air-raid siren and dervish wildly around the classroom into several desks, the wall and a cupboard?

Seriously, what do these children think “hold still for a minute” means?

(Of course, I understand their suspicion – when I chase them with a bat, angrily yelling “I just want to talk to you!” they know I’m not telling the truth, so it’s easy to see where some confusion may have arisen...)

Of course, I did get to say the phrase “Don’t break the praying mantis!” - which probably very few other people did, so today is a win.

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Ewan said...

Few people realise that Praying Mantises are not just fragile physically but also spiritually. For example they cluster to me like I am their King, appearing suddenly above my side of the bed, or on my shoulder, and for this fawning devotion I thank and support them. However, the graphic and terrified shrieks that Amanda makes depresses them so that I found one of my subjects floating dead in our toilet bowl. Amanda's rejection had hurt them so.

...However, if you really want to see someone you love have a bug fit roll over towards them in bed and say "don't..fucking...move!" before flicking off their shoulder the largest weta created by the lord. Classic.