Friday, January 25, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

I’ve mentioned before the fairly constant self-doubt I feel when it comes to the Teaching, which is why it’s nice every so often to get texts like the one I received last night from Hoodrat’s Deputy Head Girl circa 2006: (reprinted in unedited txt-language, but that’s how the children communicate these days...)

U were th best teacher! Iv eva had in my lyf! Uv actuali help me grow and gvn me truth. And evn f i was a dick at skul u made everyday at skul hapier! Thanx mr!

To be fair, she was very, very drunk when she texted me...

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silentsanta said...

Up until this moment, I had always despised text-speak. I had thought that there was no poetry to it, and then -without warning- one of your students suddenly boils school down to its essence.