Monday, January 21, 2008

The Day Today - 21st January 2008

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

Another reason not to watch the news, the panellists are just reading off the newspaper on the desk in front of them.

The tragedy of Kenya. This gives some perspective, though arap-Moi has gone.

Most of us have been back on the treadmill for a week or so now, how's it treating you?

Thomas Kuhn, you and your "not being Left enough are being called out. I particularly liked the following quote...

Kuhn was left undefended and in 1955 refused tenure, on the grounds that he was not an expert on anything in particular.

...given that we covered Jacques Barzun a few days ago who was "not an expert in anything in particular".

And your daily conspiracy comes by way of Einstein. I never new General Relativists had stalkers.

Mr Daniels does not like tattoos.

One thing I noted was that the reasons given for getting a tattoo were all external. They wanted to stand out from other people, or as a form of outright rebellion - “Fuck you, school, and I don’t really care if you know I have a tattoo.”. The other reasons are shallow, "Personal Growth", and tattoo's of your abandoned children to show you care.

Does no-one get a tattoo for the simple, harmless reason that they like the design? I'm sure they must be out there, just not at the Psych wards that Mr Daniels works at.

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