Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Day Today 31st January 2008

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

Two countries divided by a common language. On Letters of Recommendation.

"An English philosopher might write, 'So-and-so has done very fine work.' If that were coming out of Harvard, it would mean this person barely has a three-digit I.Q. Coming out of Oxford, it could well mean this person is one of the top three people coming out of the U.K."

Violent media is good for kids, it helps then channel their rage.

Those of us who watch "Michael Palin's New Europe" in the weekend might find this interesting. And this.

Let's "smite some Humbug" and correct a few myths about the NYPD. It's a loooong read, mainly because of City Journal's anorexic layout, but worth it.

And what happened to Rudy? Shit! did no-one tell him not to put all his blue-rinse eggs in one basket.

And, since Jack's doing it, here's an excellent music video. "Poems" by a Tricky-led collaboration.

4 comments: is a site for record hunters said...

Hi ,
i like that .. its really exceptional .

Apathy Jack said...

Ah, a fine Tricky/Martina Topley-Bird collaboration. Very good, but for my money, they have yet to out-do Black Steel, watchable here:

Jake said...

Poems isn't by Tricky. Poems is by Nearly God, a collaborative effort lead by Tricky. Somehow, history has been rewritten, and that album got renamed. And, for my money, Poems is the one of best songs produced in the trip hop genre (which, to be fair, only ever had Tricky, Massive Attack, and Portishead going for it).

As for letters of recommendation. Yes. It's kind of embarrassing reading them, actually. But it's what you get in a hyper-competitive system situated in a culture like the US, where it's no longer enough to have a good day, you have to have a great one.

Eric Olthwaite said...

Righto Jack, I've checked with Wikipedia and I'll meet you halfway. To my mind, a collaboration is when you have some input into the writing of the music, not just some vocals, and this seems to have happened on the Nearly God album.